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Menopause is a time of many changes.
Staying well nourished has never been more important.



I provide nutritional and lifestyle support to help ease menopause complaints and improve overall health in women in midlife.

Consultations for Women in Midlife

Menopause is a stage of life that can look and feel differently to every woman. I can help you figure out what your body needs at this time.


1:1 Wellness Consultations

A personalized wellness plan based on your unique menopause or midlife concerns can put you on the path to improving your overall health. Together, we will create a plan with healthy and sustainable nutrition and lifestyle habits that work well for you. Feeling better is achievable even with some small changes.


Supplement Recommendations

There are times in our life in which we may fall short on certain nutrients. Stress, hormonal changes, certain medications and aging itself can influence our nutritional needs. There are common supplements especially beneficial for a woman in perimenopause or postmenopause.


Hello, I'm Angela!

I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist with a special interest in women's health in midlife.

In my mid-40s, I began to experience some changes to my health. I just didn’t feel right yet my diet had not changed and all my tests showed that everything was fine. I was unaware that these changes in my body were signs of perimenopause -  a very important time to take stock of my diet and lifestyle habits. 

My studies have taught me that the path to optimal health is not just about the food we eat, but how we nourish ourselves in all areas of our life. Using a holistic approach, my passion is to support women in midlife with strategies and all the right tools so they may have a more positive midlife experience.

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As your body changes...
so do your nutrition needs!

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