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Customized Meal Plans and Customized Recipe Collections


Our bodies are changing and so are our nutritional needs.


A customized meal plan will help ensure your body is receiving all the right nutrients at the right time and at the right amounts to sustain you throughout your busy day.


If you’re looking for a little less structure, but have specific needs or dietary requirements then a customized recipe collection is the perfect service for you. It will save you time from searching for recipes on your own and knowing that your recipe has been approved by a holistic nutritionist will allow for a better experience at mealtimes.


Each of these services will have you in the kitchen to make real food that is simple and delicious. It will help reduce your stress around mealtimes and encourage you to make food choices that work best for you at this stage of life.

Customized Recipe Collections include...

  • 30 recipes for breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner.

  • Desserts and beneficial drinks may also be included.

  • A blank meal planning template for you to plan the meals as you see fit.

7 Day Customized Meal Plans Include...

  • breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes with photos

  • an organized grocery list that helps you navigate grocery store aisles 

  • leftovers are part of your meal plan to help save you some time in the kitchen


Ready to start achieving the results you’ve always wanted with delicious foods you love?

Step #1

Click the button below to complete the meal plan intake form and pay the fee.

Step #2

I will contact you to review your needs and goals. Please allow one week for your customized meal plan to be completed and sent to you.


Client Testimonials

"I reached out to Angela for a simple, yet tasty meal plan. I wanted to feel less tired and more productive. She quickly responded with a super organized and easy to read meal plan. The plan  included pictures, recipes for each meal/snack, prep times, and a grocery list. It was easy to follow and the recipes were so tasty! After a few days, she followed up with me to see if I had any questions or concerns. Angela is passionate, supportive and thorough. I feel amazing and couldn’t have done it without her. I would recommend Angela to anyone who has questions or concerns about their diet."


~M.G, 21

If you still have questions before booking, check out my FAQ's!

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