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Are you experiencing disrupted sleep, weight gain, low energy, constipation, hot flashes or just not feeling yourself overall? 


This means that it’s time to listen to your body and bring in the support and tools it needs to start feeling better. This is also a good time to assess your risk factors for chronic disease and start on some good prevention strategies. 


Let’s create healthier lifestyle habits and a nutrition plan that balances your blood sugar, reduces inflammation and gives your body all the right nutrients and antioxidants it needs to thrive. 

Want to chat first? Book a 15-minute call and we can talk about what’s going on.

Wellness Consultations with Angela

Initial Consultation

First Session:  We will go over the Intake Questionnaire Form you completed for me and discuss in depth your main health complaints and concerns. I will ask you for your detailed health history as we discuss your symptoms, past and present conditions, including any medications and/or supplements you may be taking. We will discuss your diet, family health history, stress level, energy level, sleep pattern, and what you do for exercise and fun. 


I will take the information you shared with me and use it to develop a personalized nutrition and wellness plan which supports your main health concerns and goals. 


One week after our initial consultation, I will email your personalized plan to you.


Your plan will include dietary, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations, as well as a 7-day meal plan with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack recipes with beautiful photos of each meal and a grocery list to make shopping easier.

Second Session:  We will review this plan together and you will have the opportunity to ask questions about your recommendations. You will leave this session feeling motivated and eager to get started. 


Follow Up Consultation

Follow-up sessions help keep you on track and provide you with continued support. We will discuss how your plan has been working for you and what tweaks or changes can be made based on your progress. I will build upon your current plan and add new recommendations where fit.

Client Testimonials

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“I contacted Angela for a wellness consultation concerning my perimenopausal symptoms and digestive issues. Angela was supportive and helpful in her advice and I felt safe opening up to her during our session. I would absolutely recommend Angela to any of my family or friends experiencing hormonal changes associated with perimenopause.”

(Candice, 49)

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